Lerici and the Gulf of Poets

‘Blessed are you ...who rest in peace in the Gulf of Poets' – In 1919 so wrote the celebrated playwright Sem Benelli.

The bay on which Lerici lies had already inspired him to write ‘La Cena delle Beffe,’ but he wasn’t the first. From Lord Byron to DH Lawrence, George Sand to Shelley and his wife Mary who lived in the Villa Magni in San Terenzo, from Hans Christian Andersen to Virginia Woolf, many artists and intellectuals have chosen this place to reside for part of their lives.

This town is the very essence of poetry: the light, the silence, the landscape, the rhythm of life, the relationship between sea and mountains, the climate…LA DOLCE VITA. All aspects of life are here; idealism, disillusionment, the exalted heights of passion, the deep depths of despair.

Music belongs to Lerici. It echoes the poets, the writers, the playwrights – it is a sounding board for their soul and beauty. Lerici Music Festival was born out of this world of ideas and draws inspiration from its exalted antecedents, it is a unique classical music festival founded in 2017 by Lerici born conductor Gianluca Marciano. It is a celebration of his beloved hometown and a gift to its inhabitants. 


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